Handmade Leather Laptop Case
Handmade Leather Laptop Case
Handmade Leather Laptop Case


Handmade Leather Laptop Case

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Handmade Leather Laptop Case for MacBook/ MS Surface/ Android

Laptop case, Leather MacBook sleeve, Leather laptop case, MacBook Air 13,3″ ir MacBook Pro 13,3″ holder

Main purpose of Laptop is that it should be portable. But many pf pther cases adds unnecessary weight and volume. This natural leather case will protect your valuables from scratches.

It is made from sustainable natural leather, which is long lasting and will be a great choice for a gift to your friends or yourself. It is durable and will serve you for many years. All our products are made from genuine leather. It is the strongest and most durable leather, looking more and more beautiful as you use it.

Laptop screen size: 13 inches

Perfect fit for MacBook Air 13,3″ and MacBook Pro 13,3″

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